Social events
Vitamin Conference 2020


Below you will find information on the sponsor and exhibition opportunities connected to the 6th International Vitamin Conference 2020 to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Get-together - 21 September 19:00-22:00
Pre-registration and Get-together at IDA. Come and get your badges and abstract book and there will be snacks and free beverages.

Event and Conference Dinner - 22 September 19:00-23:00

The event and conference dinner will be held at a place called Reffen, a vibrant new urban Street Food marked right by the Copenhagen Harbour, with the sustainable dogma to “Reduce and Reuse”.


You will be transported to Reffen by boat, and also include a guided tour around in the Copenhagen Harbour.

Poster event at the venue - 23 September 17:00-21:00

Poster session at conference facility incl. light meal and beverages
All participants are encouraged to vote for which posters should be presented in plenum (10 min on Friday).


DTU - National Food Institute