Keynote Speakers

Prof. Ian Darnton-Hill

Trained as a public health physician in Australia, Prof. Ian Darnton-Hill is an academic with a background in public health nutrition policy, programmes and research in Bangladesh, PNG, the Philippines and Zambia as well as Geneva, New York, Sydney and Washington, DC. Currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Sydney, Australia, and Tufts University, USA, and consultant, he was previously Special Adviser to the UNICEF Executive Director on Child Hunger and Undernutrition. Before that, he was Acting Chief, Nutrition Section, UNICEF HQ and Senior Global Health Leadership Fellow at WHO HQ, Vice-President for Programs at HKI, Director of the OMNI Project (USAID/JSI), and WHO Regional Adviser in Nutrition.

Dr. Kenneth H. Brown

Invited Speakers

Prof. Carol Bower
Prof. Sarah Booth
Ms. Heather D'Antoine
Ms. Jette Jakobsen
Prof. Tim Green
Prof. Manfred Eggersdorfer
Prof. Sally Dunwoodie
Prof. Michael Fenech
Associate Professor Anitra Carr
Prof. Rebecca Mason
Prof. Helene McNulty
Dr. Alida Melse-Boonstra
Prof. Andrew Scholey
Dr. Xiang-Dong Wang
Dr. Steven Zeisel
Prof. Vieno Piironen

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