19 September - Tuesday

Young scientist Camp at DTU Food

Pre-registration and Get-together/ Reception at IDA

20 September - Wednesday

10:00 - Welcome and introduction

SESSION 1: Sustainable food system for vitamin adequacy

12:00 - Lunch

SESSION 2: Vitamin K – why still a mystery

19:00 - Conference dinner

21 September - Thursday

09:00 - Conference starts

SESSION 3: Potential of vitamins in pharmacological doses as disease



SESSION 4: Vitamins in food – from measurement to bioavailability


18:00 - Poster session at conference facility incl. meal and beverages

combined with poster presentation. 


22 September - Friday

09:00 - Conference starts

SESSION 5: B vitamins in energy metabolism


SESSION 6: New advances in vitamin research



Awards and ceremony for the host for 8th International Vitamin Conference in 2025

Confirmed speakers

Ass. Prof. Abhishek Chaudhary, IITK, India

Dr. Sander Biesbroek, Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Prof. Leon Schurgers, Maastrict University, The Netherlands

Senior Scientific Officer, Agnes De Sesmaison, EFSA

Prof. Hon. Mette M. Berger, Lausanne University Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland

Prof. Arun Sanyal, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia, US

Dr. Angelique de Mans, University Amsterdam

Prof. Michael Rychlik, TUM, Germany

Prof. Michael Green, Penn State University, USA